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Mr. Amos Knoll - Chairman/CEO

Amos Knoll is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Children Obesity Foundation, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that was created to help fight the obesity epidemic. He is also a founder & president of TRIMLAND, INC and a founder & CEO of Sources Financial Holdings Co., an investment holding company, that has had a glorious history orchestrating high-end, innovative financing packages for real estate development projects. He is also the founder and president of Knoll Publishing Inc., a book publishing company, www.knollpublishing.com

With more than 35 years of hand-on experience as a builder / developer, Amos is no stranger to success and high-level financing. As a Wall Street aficionado in the early 1960’s, Amos managed the transfer department for Thomson McKinnon and also ran the back operations for purchases and sales for Dean Witter.

Maintaining the pulse in real estate, Amos served as a correspondent for Walter Heller South East, a major real estate lender in the USA, which was listed on the NY stock exchange. As an entrepreneur, Amos built and successfully sold multiple businesses. From 1970 to 2000 Amos financed the purchase of land as well as developed and sold multiple subdivisions. Simultaneously, he founded a recycling car business and has managed multiple international deals including successful timber, mining, oil and other operations, especially Africa, Congo, Nigeria and Europe.

Dedicated to education of children, Amos has authored numerous children’s books, such as, “The Flower That Could Not Talk”, “Max and the Red-Haired Dragon”, “The Chubby Conqueror” and many more, which you can find on Amazon, various retailers, such as Barnes & Noble and libraries. 

His book, “The Chubby Conqueror”, is an empowering book from the view of a twelve year old obese boy, who has found a way how to transform himself from being an obese boy to a strong, fit and happy boy. This book captivated attention of producers and directors and Amos’ goal is, that “The Chubby Conqueror” will become one of the most important educational movies for children in 2016.

Since 2010, Amos dedicated his talents to helping fight the children’s obesity epidemic and has devoted his business experience, marketing skills, as well as his financial resources, to fighting obesity. Together with his team of innovative experts, scientists and partnerships with a variety of private and public sector organizations, including the White House's "Let's Move" campaign, Amos is on a mission to eradicate childhood obesity. 

Mr. Amos Knoll - Chairman/CEO

 Phone D. 561-347-1200 

 E-mail: amos@obesitystops.org 


Dr Gabriella Juris  Vice President  of lifestyle medicine &  director of education and lifestyle modification

Dr. J. Gabriella Juris is medical geneticist and an award-­‐winning health and nutritional scientist. More than two decades ago, she has pioneered innovative Lifestyle Intervention Program for prevention and treatment of chronic, lifestyle-­‐related diseases, such as, metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive disorders and cancer. Her work gained the attention of “The American Heart Association”, and for her outstanding service in advancing the heart program and stimulating public support in the fight against diseases of the heart and circulation, she received the prestigious “American Heart Association Award.”

Dedicated to education, Dr. Juris served as a professor at Chapman University, where she created and taught two new courses: Disease Prevention and Complimentary Medicine. She is a highly sought-­‐after charismatic speaker and lecturer and has written numerous articles for leading health and beauty.In magazi addition, Dr. Juris has authored  three very successful books:Transform FAT2FIT: For You, Your Family, Your Entire Life– published on Amazon, Kindle Edition,   Conquer Fat for Life: Road Map to Lasting Fat Loss,  Vigor, Vitality and Longevity and The Fundamentals of  Nutrition for Health, Beauty and Longevity. Her fourth book and educational video series, working title: Your DNA Is Not Your Health Destiny – 10 Principles to Become a Master of Your Health -­ to be  published in 2017.


Dr. Juris’  dynamic force started very early on in her native Czech Republic. As a young athlete Numerous medals in gymnastics and kayaking. Her top athletic achievement was in kayaking, where she, at the age of fourteen, won a silver medal at the National Kayak Championship in Prague and qualified for the Olympic Games. It was during this time that she realized how much impact optimal nutrition and a positive mindset has on one’s athletic performance. That realization captivated her interest in medical sciences and she went on to study at the prestigious Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, where she earned Ph.D. in Medical Biology. After completion of her studies, Dr. Juris was forced to leave her native country to escape the communist regime and was granted political asylum in London, England.

Her earlier scientific work at Charles University in Prague generated much interest at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and she was invited to be part of the research on “Body Composition, Human Growth and Development.” After completion of the research, Dr. Juris was awarded The National Institute of Health Ph.D. Fellowship in Medical Genetics to continue her studies at the University of Minnesota, where she completed the Ph.D. curriculum in Medical Genetics and also received M.S. Degree. She then continued her post-­‐doctoral studies at the School of Medicine, University of Minnesota.

As a medical geneticist, Dr. Juris knew early on, that the lifestyle choices we make today greatly alter how our genes express themselves tomorrow leading the way to opening numerous Lifestyle Health Clinics in Southern California. Here she introduced her innovative Lifestyle Intervention Programs to give people access to cutting edge tools and technology that address all aspects of our physical, mental, spiritual and environmental health.

Dedicated to changing the landscape of our nation’s collective health and stomping out America’s #1 epidemic and killer – obesity, Dr. Juris also serves as the Senior-­‐President Vice Lifestyle Medicine and the Chief Educator for a non-­‐profit “Children Obesity Foundation”. In April 2016, Dr. Juris was approved by IntegReview Institutional Review Board, IRB, as the Principal Research Investigator -­‐ Protocol PA-­‐13-­‐153:

“Home and Family Approaches for the Prevention or Management of Obesity and Overweight in Early Childhood”.





Kelvin George - CEO -Director of operation and business analyst

Kelvin George: is on the board of directors of the Children Obesity Foundation satisfying the position of Director of Operations and Business Analyst. He attained a MBA from Henley University Of Readings UK in Business Administration and Finance, an AMBE with the Association of Business Executives, ADV Diploma, and Diplomas in Management and Accounting. Recently he has undergone training to become Business Analyst, Additionally he is pursuing the Mastering Certificate of Business Analysis, the CBAP (Certified Business Analyst Professional) and CCBA (Certificate of Certified Business Analyst).

Within the period 1999 to 2007 he was employed with the National Water and Sewerage Authority water utility (Grenada) where he satisfied the position of Deputy Finance Manager and developed a Revenue Collection Department, assisted in the redrafting of the its legislation and restructuring of its tariff or rates. During the period 2006-2012 he was nominated and selected to serve on the Credit Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Grenada Public Service Cooperative Credit Union where I shared my expertise.

Based on his career interest he joined Corporate Systems Consolidators where he functioned as a Business Analyst and Consultant for (4) years 2007-2010. He also invested and worked as the Managing Director and Accountant of OK Fun Spot Amusement park, and as a Management and Financial Consultant with the Mia Media Communication Groups Inc the publisher of Legacy Miami, Legacy South Florida, Legacy Orlando and three (3) Business Publications.

During his extensive professional career he devoted time to write the book titled Studying for Success which is currently in print and on amazon. 

His book teaches adults, College graduates and school kids the real comprehensive way of how to study affectively and understand the meaning of the coarse they are taking.

Advisory Board


Fred Pira, ProNex Inc [President & CEO]

Fred Pira, ProNex Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer’s career spans 33 years and inclusive of successful sales, sales management, marketing, business development and channel management experience. 

Since 2001, his mission has been to drive the company's leadership in the Healthcare IT business consulting and managed services markets with innovative offerings, including My ProConnect, the web enabled EMR and tools for health professionals and their patients. In addition to My ProConnect, he is responsible for bringing new healthcare services to the marketplace. 

The CORE is a web based obesity management and lifestyle modification system that enables all Healthcare Professionals to manage heath conditions of patients suffering from obesity and associated co morbidities. With a keen strategic focus and depth of understanding for the healthcare space, Fred solidifies ProNex as experts, leaders, and game-changers in the area of bariatric medicine, chronic disease management and lifestyle modification technologies. 

He holds a Master of Management degree from North Park University, Chicago, Illinois, and maintains certificates in Marketing of Services and Organizational Development. 


Marques Miles

Marques Miles is an NAACP Image Award winner and Emmy nominated television producer, filmmaker, and graduate of Howard University. Marques has worked with major sports networks like ESPN, ABC, NBC, and NFL Network producing on live studio shows as well as short features, and documentaries. 

His sports documentary work includes“The History of the Black Quarterback” as well as the Emmy nominated special “Sharpe Focus: Journey to Canton”.  Marques has worked on documentary series such as “American Gangster”, “Make Room for Multiples”, and “UFC Countdown”. 

Currently Marques has been producing with the award winning documentary series “Unsung” for TV one Network. His episodes included stories on Ike Turner, Bobby Bland, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Fat Joe. Recently Marques produced “Soul Train Life of New Edition”, music special for BET Networks featuring legendary group New Edition. Independently Marques has been producing the documentary “Breaking Bones Breaking Barriers” which looks at diversity issues with barriers broken for the first black stunt men and women in Hollywood. Marques has partnered with the Children Obesity Foundation as a fiscal sponsor for his documentary feature film “Kingfish”. 

The film is a coming of age story about a young musical genius that has been anointed the savior, and future of the Blues.  Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, and suffering from obesity, this 17 year old prodigy is carrying the weight physically, and emotionally of his responsibility to preserve the music, while providing for his family.



Strategic partners are individuals, corporation, nonprofit organizations, volunteers or government agencies that help

the advancement of Children Obesity Foundation by donating funds or services that help promote the fight against


Divwy Technologies


Chopchop Family


Rapha Family Medicine


Knoll Publishing Inc.


B’nai Torah Congregation


Choose My Plate


Google Ad Grants


The PROfessional YOU


W.B.K Written By Kids




California Pizza Kitchen


Eat The Thruth






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ProNex, Inc.


Brent Dyson Fitness Foundation


Studio 4 Fitness


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