Mission and purpose

Our Mission and Purpose

The purpose of Children Obesity Foundation Inc. (COF), the nonprofit 501(C)(3), is to be the most current and effective national health education resource that helps children, their families and communities to address all factors that lead to obesity and the development of obesity-related health issues, such as, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, pulmonary and joint disorders, high cholesterol and low self-esteem.  One out of every three young people is overweight and the number of overweight and obese children is increasing at an alarming rate.  Obesity is now becoming the single biggest and totally preventable health issue that drives up the cost of health care.

The mission of Children Obesity Foundation is to provide assistance to the local communities, children, parents, teachers and healthcare professionals on how to prevent and treat childhood obesity proactively by implementing healthy living skills through nutritional education, physical activity classes, empowerment programming, books, videos, films and lay foundation for healthy behaviors that will reduce obesity risk and promote health over the course of a lifetime.

The focus on eradicating childhood obesity is critically important and for every dollar invested in prevention of obesity, the benefits are many – from reduced health care costs to the emergence of a healthy generation of American children.

Use of Donated Funds

The focus on eradicating childhood obesity is critically important and for every dollar invested in prevention of obesity, the benefits are many – from reduced health care costs to the emergence of a healthy generation of American children. We have created various programs that will give our kids and their parents education and practical tools to transform their unhealthy lifestyle habits and teach them how their body responds differently to the new way they start to think and behave around eating food and exercising.

 1. Health and Wellness Ambassadors - train and certified

  • Provide educational presentations for parents
  • how to read labels and what are the healthiest food choices
  • Coupons for the purchase of healthy food
  • Cooking classes for parents and kids at their home
  • Group cooking classes & a healthy lifestyle
  • Educate a healthy lifestyle and fitness at their home, where it all begins, interact. Creating an army of wellness ambassadors.

2. Books, videos, CD’s, films

  • Produce educational films and videos
  • Donate educational materials, books and CD’s to the Children

3. Community development programs

  • Work with existing community programs
  • Conduct fun classes for parents and kids
  • Conduct fun and games in parks for children
  • Organize walks for Healthy America

4. Clinical intervention by pediatricians, nurses, and practitioners

  • Develop programs for effective clinical interventions that can be used by physicians across the US for preventing childhood obesity
  • Work with Pronex  on insurance coverage pertaining to obesity
  • An incentive for doctors to participate in the program

5. Programs for schools

  • Establish a school-based system for documenting body mass index
  • Incorporate healthy eating and wellness lifestyle into the physical education
  • Provide motivational counseling to change specific behaviors around eating
  • After school physical activity sessions
  • Connect schools with local farmers to provide healthy vegetable snacks
  • Provide nutritional and healthy lifestyle education for parents

6. Fast food chains

  • Work with fast food chains to offer healthy choices

7. Gyms

  • Specific programs for obese children
  • The foundation may provide financial support for athletic equipment

8. Cell phones

  • Provide free cell phones as needed for the purpose of recording food intake and take pictures of
  • Food, to help to be in contact with a healthcare provider and nutritionist

9. Tele-Health

  • Dial a wellness ambassador        
  • Provide toll-free online phone support for families with obese children      

10. Create an interactive website

  • Develop nutritional, psychological and fitness tutorials for children

11. Camps

  • Establish camps for overweight children with an emphasis on sports, behavioral  
  • Modification and active lifestyle

12.  Scholarships

  • Full or partial scholarship funding for camps
  • Full or partial scholarship funding for youth athletic programs
  • Free or discounted gym memberships

Obesity rates have soared over the past four decades. Today, more than 23 million children - nearly a third - are overweight or obese. We can do better for our children! If we fail to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic, we’re in danger of raising the first generation of American children who may live sicker and die younger than the generation before them. Preventing obesity during childhood is critical becuse habits formed during youth often last well into adulthood. Take action and help power the movement to prevent childhood obesity.

In order to solve the childhood obesity crisis, Children Obesity Foundation (COF) must harness the resources, expertise and most importantly the free-market creativity that drives this nation. To be sure, the public sector has an important role to play – as do parents and kids – but their involvement alone is not enough to succeed we will also get the health sector involved, such as your primary physician. Children Obesity Foundation works with the private sector to create meaningful commitments and ensures that when those commitments are made that credit is given where credit is due. 

The goal is to maximize the potential of the private sector to achieve success. We want the private sector with us because, quite simply, we will not succeed without them. 

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